A possible solution for R5/R6 overheating in video mode ...

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Re: And that’s mounted on an IBIS chassis?

Thomas A Anderson wrote:

forest dream wrote:

+1 extra cost $100 should not issue for a camera sell in $3899. Such heat sink also not a advance tech.

The thing about a heat sink is it is both a thermal mass and additional surface area. Those two things only make a difference if you use them to more efficiently transfer heat out of the system. That requires a coolant and movement: air over fins using a fan, liquid over a plate using tubes and a pump.

Your solution is extra weight, extra cost, and might buy a few extra minutes before overheating occurs because to make use of that heat sink you need a fan, power, and an air path that would compromise weather sealing.


A little bit more weight, less than 100$, many extra minutes with very quick recovery time and ... no compromise for weather sealing.

Copper plate

This sounds like the simplistic thinking of Wikipedia engineers who have no actual training, experience, or understanding of the implications such “simple” solutions truly incur.

LOL ... well ... yeah. Should i comment this?!

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