Can’t edit raw photos in Lightroom

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Re: Can’t edit raw photos in Lightroom

Arty1106 wrote:

I haven’t downloaded Lightroom classic or photoshop yet just the newer Lightroom since I thought it may be easier to start with as a beginner. It seems to work if I use my own presets or just edit in general (still slow but works) but for some reason there’s a preset I purchased and it’s supposed to be compatible with all apps and that’s the one it’s not working for. When I hover down on it this is what pops up then I have to force quit. I can use it for jpg no problem. I emailed the person I purchased from and she said she hasn’t heard of this happening so not sure what to do

I'd suggest getting a refund on the preset. Sounds like it's their problem.

You could try this though. Apply the preset to a jpeg. Then use the Sync function to apply the same adjustments to a raw (Adobe help explains how to do that if you don't know).

Or just look at the values the preset applies and see if you can set the same values on the raw file.

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