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Re: D-850 replacement wishes

Having gone from the D810 to the D850 and used both in very challenging autofocus situations, I'm hard-pressed to see how the D850 could get much faster on AF, but I'd love to see it.  By the way, what AF mode are you using?   For me, most of the time it's single point AF and using the center point.  (Fastest speed, most accurate placement).  I've sometimes tried 3d but don't trust it to pick the right point.)

Where I've seen poor AF performance is in Live View/video.   Video to me is unusable when both camera and subject are moving.  Judging from the D780, AF improvement in video is not just possible, but could be significantly improved.

Dynamic range/high ISO/noise performance - any small improvement here is always welcome.

Shooting speed - any small improvement here is welcome, along with clearing buffers faster (CFexpress?).

Dual cards that match (dual CFexpress slots).  I'm a bit mixed on this one as I've been in situations where I needed to come up with an SD card on the road, and it was awfully handy to have an SD slot.    How about THREE slots, two CFE and one SD for 'just-in-case' compatibility?

Better AF tune system - basically something that holds more than one setting for zooms.

Better flash support, whatever that is.

Certainly much much better connectivity options, like taking a picture and being able to post it to Facebook without downloading to a PC, processing, exporting and uploading.  Probably this would need to happen via cell phone.   And here's the thing - all improvements here are only likely to be improvements if Nikon does NOT do the software.   And on the other extreme, Nikon charges too much for the non-free Software they provide.  (The good stuff.)

All-in-all, there seem only two areas where big improvements are possible:  video and software.   I don't have interest in one, and I've gotten used to the other, by using Lightroom.

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