77mm or 82mm circular filters for my 77mm lens?

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Re: 77mm or 82mm circular filters for my 77mm lens?

BBbuilder467 wrote:

Genevois wrote:

Hi, I'm leaning towards buying the Kase magnetic circular filters for my 77mm lens. But I'm undecided on the size of the filters. If I take the 82mm, I'm told I'll benefit from less chance of vignetting if I stack 3 filters together. But the disadvantage is I can no longer use the lens hood on my 77mm if I use the 82mm filters. I'd like to hear your thoughts. Many thanks!

I know I can stack 3 standard filters without vignetting, but I'd rarely stack more than 2. I despise using step-rings, and if my bayonet hood doesn't slip over the filter, the odds are I won't use the filter. I know I'll be using the hood with a CPL more than anything else.

I use the same lens for long exposures, so I don't need NDs for anything else.

Personally, I don't see much use for magnetic filters for stills.

I settled for the 77mm Kase magnetic filters (CPL and ND) in the end and am happy with this solution. With that I can still use the lens hood. The filters are very thin.

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