What's next for Blackmagic pocket cameras?

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Re: What's next for Blackmagic pocket cameras?

Ironfilm wrote:

Andrew S10 wrote:

I think that they'll come out with replacements for their Micro Cinema Cameras.

the original BMPCC came out in 2013, the pocket 4K in 2018, so I predict that the next iteration will come out in 2023.

That is only two updates, thus the next cycle could easily be longer or shorter than that.
Plus they did the kind of "update" with the P6K, thus I'd lean towards saying it could be longer than 2023 until a Pocket v3.0 comes out.

It's hard to say, previous release dates are all we have to go off of, aside from guessing how Blackmagic will respond to market trends.

They might release the same pocket cameras with a tilting screen (like you can do with the Tilta kits), but there will probably be more upgrades than that, as Blackmagic is good about including big upgrades with each iteration.

P.S. With the BMPCC 4K/6K's form factor, it would make more sense to call it a BMCC Mark II.

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