Will vibration from cycling damage my camera?

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My bike probably weighs triple of that, and cost 1/10th the price.

A typical adult male is in the ballpark of 200lbs. Your dream Aethos weighs 14lbs. My bike is probably 40lbs. Your bike skimmed off 10% from total weight, so Iaccelerate 90% as quick as I would on your dream bike. If I switched to an Aethos, I'd shave seconds off of my race time... but I don't race. Who cares? I won't even notice that on a normal ride. When I was in shape, I was passing (very embarrassed-looking) people riding bikes like the Aethos (who probably didn't know the total weight doesn't make a wit of difference for top speed). Today, I'm out of shape enough that bet I'd get passed by someone on a Huffy.

On the other hand:

  • My bike won't shatter if there's a hairline crack in the carbon I don't see (e.g. someone bumps your Aethos when you're not around).
  • If I leave my bike out in the rain, mud, and snow, I can re-grease the chain, and it keeps on going.
  • It's comfortable and fits me like a glove.
  • It will carry my groceries, or even everything I need for a few days' camping and a small toddler.
  • And if something does break, I can fix mine with standard, commonly-available parts, and will continue to be able to do so for decades.
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