Easy question about IQ Z 50 vs. Z 5?

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Re: Easy question about IQ Z 50 vs. Z 5?

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If anybody uses a Z50 besides a Z5 i’d be happy to get my question answered … Last week i was testing the Z50 with the kit lens (16-50mm) and took some photos of landscapes i often visit when testing gear. I have to say: The Z50 performed extremely surprising – even with the kit lens (sunshine, blue sky).
The Z50 rendered finest details, even distant leaves and vegetation was clearly recognizable. All the Canon gear i tested in this particular spot (a vineyard landscape) was easily surpassed by the quality of detail the Z50 delivered. Even the Fuji XTs (XT30, XT3) were beaten. The only downside: The Z50 is really very small and the handling of the lens sometimes was a bit „hard work“. While returning the Z50 after my free of charge test i could touch the Z5 body on site in the store and fell in love at once. Just the perfect weight and dimension. Now my question: Will the Z5 reveal this level of detail in the pictures the Z50 did – also with the Z5 kit lens (24-50mm) under the same circumstances?
Thank you!

Simple answer: Yes, the Z5 should surpass the Z50.

Certainly with lenses of comparable quality. It seems the apsc kit lens is much better than competitor’s, from many user reviews. Is the FF kit in Z5 also excellent? Both Z5 and Z50 have been good surprises from Nikon, they shoukd be selling faster, Nikon needs a more aggressive marketing model.

Judging from the MTFs:

Yes the Z5's kit lens is comparable or better than the Z50's.  The (Z5 + kit lens) will provide 1 stop improvement (in noise, shallower DOF, etc.); while the (Z50's + kit lens) will provide more zoom range.

If one is looking at MTFs or similar comparisons, remember to scale values appropriately--ie. the APS-C requires 22% more linear enlargement.

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