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Re: Stepup ring with lenshoods

Dori C wrote:

Neverland76uk wrote:

Can Olympus lenses like the 12-100 or 40-150 f2.8 use their lens hoods if you use a step up ring 72-77?

Or are their universal lens hoods for this ?

Neverland - for the 12-100 it matters what you mean by does the lens hood work with a step-up ring.

If you mean get the hood on and off while the step-up ring is on the lens, no the lens hood doesn't work.

If you mean have the lens hood on the lens in the shooting position and then screw on the step up ring - it sort of works.

But you can't take the lens hood off the camera. And that is the fatal flaw.

It is not easy to get the step up ring on - you don't have room to use your fingers. As one person said you can slip the ring and scratch your glass. How I've tested it is to use my 77mm lens cap on the step-up ring to screw on the step-up ring (mine has ridged grips that that make it easy to turn).

In real life I wouldn't do this because the reason I'd use this would be to make use of circular polarizers and I'd be scared that polarizer thread and the step-up ring thread would jam.

Then turning the lens cap/filter wouldn't take the step-up ring off the lens. You don't have room to get your fingers in there to pry the filter and ring off and personally i'm not sure you can fit a tool either. In that case I think you'd have to break the lens hood off (and its a pretty nice hood and I bet not a cheap replacement).

So I take the lens hood off to use step up rings with my good 77mm filters and have a couple of older, not quite as good 72 mm filters if I feel I really need to leave the hood on.

This is my solution to the problem. I find the Olympus lens hood for the 40-150 f2.8 to be on the large side for normal use and fitting polarizers of any size inside the hood makes them difficult to adjust. So a 72mm to 77mm step up ring and a 77mm metal telephoto lens hood, fit the adaptor to the lens, the 77mm filter to the adaptor and the lens hood to the filter. turn the lens hood and you adjust the filter. The hood is itself a step up ring with a filter diameter of 82mm at the open end for a lens cap and approx 36mm long, it does not vignette at any focal length. without a filter fitted just the lens hood it fits nicely in my bad where with the original hood it is difficult to fit.

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