What? No Film Fridays?

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Re: What? No Film Fridays?

Autonerd wrote:

Bob Janes wrote:

kojack wrote:

I would love to write a column here. I contacted them about a couple of different ideas but never heard back. I am chomping at the bit to write more. If anyone here knows some of the guys who run DP now, tell them I am open to sharing some ideas with them. I am not a professional photographer by any means, but I have some entertaining writing chops no matter what I write about and have a huge interest in NON mainstream gear etc.

Contact Hamish over at 35mmc...

I agree -- if you can't get traction here, try Hamish at 35mmc and Stephen Dowling at Kosmo Foto (he pays in Kosmo Mono film!). Getting published elsewhere may help here -- that's what got them interested in me. (I actually have to finish a review for Kosmo.)

I haven't done anything with FStoppers, but having read the film-related stuff they've done differently ... well, clearly they could use some help. I haven't reached out to them because I'm very happy with my association with DPR.

I don't think many places are looking for new-gear reviews, they seem to prefer to do that stuff in-house, but DPR (as you've seen) has bought several opinion and how-to pieces from me. IF you don't hear back, remember they probably get a lot of solicitations... I am employed by a publication in the non-photography field and my inbox is filled with PR pitches, most of them irrelevant.


Cool,  thank you for the tips.  My ideas are actually not really regarding "new" stuff per se.  More of a love of different things and would love to do some columns about it, showing a different side of photography.   I love writing, I would LOVE to get paid to do it.  Taking photographs go along with that.  I have had one of my articles published in outdoorx4 magazine website.  Film is just one thing I am interested in, and maybe a complete new comer to the genre would give some different insights to the medium.

The articles I want to write for the digital photography side of things are different than most would look at as well.

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