Best lens for a Sony a6400 Mirrorless ????

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Re: Best lens for a Sony a6400 Mirrorless ????

The Von-ographer wrote:

Craig Gillette wrote:

With fast moving subject matter, you are likely to want fast shutter speeds to freeze motion, perhaps doing a pan now and then to get a sharp bicyclist and a blurred surrounding. Not having stabilization in either the body nor the lens won't make too much difference for that kind of shooting. The listed zooms, and others, aside from the high performance/high price 16-55/2.8 are f4 and slower (although some of the variable apertures start at f3.5 then drop.

You might want to consider a fast prime. Perhaps the Sony 35/1.8 OSS. It's got a fast aperture and OSS when useful for less dynamic subject matter/lower light. You might need to consider a longer lens depending on the situation on how close you can get to the riders. Good open daylight, a slower/longer lens might well be fine. If in trees or lower light, maybe not.

So.. you're saying i need a portrait lens with small aperture for fast speed?? ie f1.8

What you are seeing is that all photography is a compromise. To freeze motion you need a short exposure; a large aperture helps that but so does using higher ISO. An f/4 lens, such as you have suggested, is faster than the f/5.6 that your existing lenses give - but f/2.8, f/1.8 etc are faster still.

Prime lenses tend to be faster but are restricted to a single field of view, which can be either too wide or too narrow depending on where you can stand in relation to your scene. You already have a couple of fast primes (your 35/1.8 and 50/1.8) so you can easily see if they give a narrow enough field of view.

I have nothing against prime lenses - indeed, nine of the ten lenses I own are primes - but it seems to me that for the job you describe a single f/4 zoom lens is the most suitable compromise between sped, flexibility and cost.

or a zoom.... I happy to get a zoom instead.... i just assumed that they used a lower zoom for the shots and waited til riders were close. i used my 55-200.. sony recently and it was very good... still a tad bluuured on some jump.. focused on the tree and not the rider... but was ok.

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