"Last camera"

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"Last camera"

I'm really keen on the R5s rumor:


  • Approxomately 90mp sensor
  • “Pixel-shift like feature” to add resolution (Perhaps like Fujifilm’s feature in the GFX 100?). Total resolution “north of 300mp”.
  • Nearly identical body design as the Canon EOS R5.
  • Video features are “NOT a focus” of the Canon EOS R5s.
  • Image stabilization will be a “slightly different version” than the current RF mount cameras.
  • Pricing will be “similar” to the Canon EOS R5.
  • Announcement scheduled for Q1 of 2021 (All announcements are still a moving target for obvious reasons.)

If true, this is *exactly* the camera I've been waiting for. It's what I would call a "last camera" -- that is, a camera so good that any further improvements will have absolutely negligible effect on my photography, whether that be IQ or operation.

Some might say that there's no such thing as a "last camera" or that any camera nowadays is a "last camera" since they're all so good. Fair point. But, for me, personally, I've never come across a camera with specs that actually qualified for my personal idea of a "last camera" (although, I must admit, that the Sony A7R4 would probably qualify, but I shoot Canon).

Anyway, would love to see it be as described. And Canon doesn't need to worry about making my "last camera" -- I don't have any "last lenses" yet.

Canon EOS R5
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