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I am looking for a camera to be used in street photography.
mostly using a Fujifilm Xpro 2 with 23/2 lens.

I want to indulge into the Leica world and made a first test with a Q2 at the local store.
However , as being mainly a b/w shooter , the Q2 M attracts a lot!

Well if you are mainly a B&W shooter, go Q2M.- particularly if you shoot in low light as the high iso is pretty great. Just remember you don't have any ability to do post-B&W filters.

I would pick that over the Q2 color if you really can say bye to color. If not the Q2 is still pretty great.

can anyone give advice?


pretty much agree but would add that unless the photog who primarily shoots b/w is also primarily shooting in low light, then I don't see the advantage of the Q2M b/w images over those that are converted (and with flexibility of color filters) produced by the Q2.

Well the Q2M will still give you more detail for not having to do the demosaic. But you definitively lose the flexibility of post-capture color filters.

To be honest in a way, I see that as a bit of an advantage- you have to make the choices at the time of capture, think more ahead, etc.

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