Canon 7D Mark II or 90D for Bird Photography

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Re: Canon 7D Mark II or 90D for Bird Photography

Rahto wrote:

Of the 2 cameras you asked about I too would pick the 7D2 for the reasons already stated but if you asked me for a camera recommendation for small birds I would tell you to take a look at one of Canons new mirrorless bodies. Their animal eye detection works great and is talked about a lot but it is their ability to use tele-converters that I find most advantageous. Over in the R forum there are people posting pictures using the Canon 2x converter on the 100-400mm II L with excellent results. I still have my 5D IV and 7D II but for small bird I’m using a Sigma 150-600mm lens with the Canon 1.4x III converter giving me 840mm F9 on the R5 and am happy with the results. Examples are in my galleries here on DPR.


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That works out nice if you stay within protocol with the TCs; once you start stacking TCs, newer bodies like the R5 can supply insufficient power to drive in-lens IS, so even though the body can AF at higher open f-numbers than historical cameras, that isn't always possible with TCs.  For example, I already shot my 90D sometimes with my lens and a 2x at f/8 wide-open.  I can't get that level of pixels-on-subject easily with the R5, because that would require about 2.74x.  The options are stacking, with which the system can be fickle, or using a Kenko 3x TC, which is not as optically superb as the 2xIII (and then one I have has defective reporting electronics, needing tape and giving false EXIF info, as a stack would also do).

Then, there's the potential slowdown of AF.  Not all combinations of body, lens, and TC(s) negotiate the fastest AF drive speed that the system can actually handle, sometimes focusing at a snail's pace, unless you can hide the reporting, in which case it might be too fast.

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