Nikon D500 and Tamron 100-400mm

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Re: Nikon D500 and Tamron 100-400mm

ddc2020 wrote:

Nice pictures, I also have a 100-400 mm and love it. I am also looking to go for a D500, so like to see this and get field feedback.

I do have one question though: you mention 100-400 vs 150-600 and the extra reach but you still went for the 100-400 on your D500. Any particular reason why?


I have the Sigma 100-400, which I really like a lot. I've been using it with my D7500, but just decided to buy the D500 for its superior AF system.....I rented one a couple of weeks ago and that was it, I saw a noticeable improvement with the D500 in a number of areas, fell in love with the camera.

A couple of years ago, I spent a lot of time considering the Tamron 150-600 G2 and the 200-500 Nikon, but weight was a major factor in my ultimate decision to get the much smaller and lighter 100-400. It's so easy to use and carry around, and fits mounted in my camera bag. There are times when I wish I had more than 400mm, but to be honest, 500mm or 600 mm often would have come up short too. My favorite photos have all been within the 400mm range anyway, sometimes with a bit of cropping. I've found it's better to get closer to your subject, within reason of course.

To indulge my ability to shoot much farther away subjects (preferably not flying birds, though), I've got a Nikon P950 with its 2000mm equivalent lens.  It can be quite good if the light is adequate.  And sometimes, I wish for more than 2000mm!!  There's also a P1000 with a 3000mm equivalent lens!   By comparison, my 400mm lens, or the 500mm or 600mm lenses I rented, all come up a bit short!

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