Best lens for a Sony a6400 Mirrorless ????

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Re: Best lens for a Sony a6400 Mirrorless ????

Well there are two things.  One is that if trying to to get motion stopping shutter speeds, a fast lens can be helpful.  The f1.8 prime is noticeably faster at f1.8 than the 55-210 4.5-6.3, as an example.  The 35/1.8 also has OSS which might prove useful under other uses with the A6400 which doesn't have IBIS.  I'd think shooting bicycle competitions would use faster shutter speeds to freeze the action, so OSS wouldn't be much of a help there.

In an aps-c usage, 35mm is more a mid-range/"normal" sort of focal length.  Traditionally "portrait" lenses tend to run from about 75mm or so to 135mm (in ff lengths) although 35mm is certainly usable for portraits.  .  How suitable it is to shooting bike races may depend on distance to the subjects and it may well be kind of short.  You could compare to how you used the 55-210 to see if something longer might be more useful.

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