Help me calculate/understand the physics of aperture, DOF and BG blur -

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You’ve made a clumsy error, in what I assume is an attempt to mildly ridicule/throw shade at the people posting in this thread, in that you seem to have no idea what the actual field of study is that focuses on optics.

Optical systems aren’t the specialty of quantum physics or astro physics, the relevant program of study is optical engineering. The maths involved are mostly algebra and geometry. I haven’t witnessed any calculus as a casual learner, perhaps it’s in there, but for the most part it’s high school AP-level maths.

BrownieVet wrote:

Reading this forum puts smile to my face.
Some are downright funny and amusing.
Others are convincing as if the poster know what he or she is talking about.
Others are correct, though not entirely.
It seems to me that a little knowledge is dangerous.
I wonder how many had completed high level formal education related to the Physics of Light, e.g. Sc.D. in Quantum Physic, Sc.D. in Asto-Physics, Sc.D. in Optiks.
How many have work in Industries and R&D on this field?
I wonder how many have ACTUALLY design and manufactured lenses?

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