What Full Frame Camera should i buy?

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Re: What Full Frame Camera should i buy?

Cameron_1179_DP wrote:

So my dilemma is that, my D7000 isn't doing it for me anymore. After having it little over 3 years, the capabilities of it don't meet what i need on the field. So i started looking around for options.
I really liked My Dad's Nikon D3 and how well it handled low light. Its a bulky camera compared to my D7000 and my camera has a lot going for it, like the 16 megapixels or the compact body.
So clearly, selling my D7000 and going for a D3 would be a big upgrade (To me). Ive looked at the D600(And D610) as well as the D700. I think my heart is set on the D700 but i don't like the downgrades that comes with it (Ex: 1 storage slot).
I think id just like opinions from people that have used the D600/D610/D700, and how well it did with lowlight as well as image quality (Among other things, more detail the better). But thats all i ask, is some info on what you liked about the camera vs the other options you had. Thank you for your time and i will respond to comments if i have questions and the like. Bye!

Very much depends on what you shoot and why your D7000 isn't making you happy. I have owned a D7000 3 separate times and D700 2 separate times, as well as a D800, and D300 twice (still have one). The D3 IQ and AF will be very similar to the D700 so you can somewhat sub one for another in this conversation.

If i had to pick one area the D700 was better, by far, it's color. The color for skin tones was very nice and i shoot mostly portraits so that mattered to me. It also focuses a good bit better in lowlight and a bigger OVF is nicer to look though. You will get probly a stop and a half better noise performance over your D7000.

On the other hand, it has considerably worse DR so if you are pushing exposure in raw a lot, it might lose some of that IQ advantage. Single card slot as you mention as well. Keep in mind the D3 does not have a standard auto ISO system with SS adjustments while the D700 does.

One last thing before i offer some shots of each, both the D700 and D300 can be fitted with a grip, said grip can be fitted with an adapter (called the BL-3) that lets you use the MUCH larger D3 battery. It works with 3rd party grips. Just FYI in case you like super long battery life.

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