Is the D800 worth it at this price in 2020?

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Re: Is the D800 worth it at this price in 2020?

Michael Firstlight wrote:

T O Shooter wrote:

Michael Firstlight wrote:

"The D800 is like a prototype"
That is absolute bunk. I've been using my D800 professionally for years and it's now my backup camera for my D850. For the price/performance the D800 is a downright steal.
There was a small percentage in the early batches that had an issue with one focus point (the far left one), but the vast majority were unaffected and it was easy to test to see if one's sample had that issue. Frankly I preferred the AA filter on the D800 over the 800E and later for many reasons, which is one of the reasons why I kept my D800. Yes, the D810 is an improvement, and I'd buy a D810 over a D800, but the differences really are marginal compared to a D850 which is a major leap over either the D800/E/810.


There are good ones (likely most of them) or else there would have been a class action lawsuit and likely the Chinese government cracking down on Nikon a la D600.

But the problems were far beyond one AF point for many. Bad info from you.

Once again, you are spreading disinformation.

I most certainly am not.  There are dozens of threads on it, and a lot of members on here had issues beyond left AF. I'll leave it to you to do a DPR search and pass the links on to the OP

The D800 was wildly and broadly successful with no more issues than any other model

So it didn't have more issues than the D810 or D850?  How about D4s or D5?

- none broad or significant other than the left focus point issue on a limited number of early builds.

The left AF issue was on more than early builds. I had a D800 that I bought first of April 2012.  Likely one of the first ones in Toronto.  That one did not have a left AF issue.  I bought a used D800e that was the replacement for a left AF issue one, and was replaced under Henry's full replacement warranty. Neither my "good" D800e nor the one it replaced was an early build.

Sounds like YOU got a bad sample that tainted your badly skewed opinion.

My D800 had a bit of a screwy AF issue, an issue identified by many on here. Relax - you don't own Nikon and likely didn't design the D800. It's not personal.

Many issues - like al other models, were rectified by firmware updates. I know from prior posts that you've based the D800 - and you've been only one of the few lone voices doing that. But let's take your and my vastly opposing opinions out of it - all the original poster has to do is search on D800 issues here on DPR to learn the facts.


Search doesn't work that well. You and many others, take it as a personal affront. Obviously, many and most were good. My brother loves his.  I don't think he would be deeply offended though, if I pointed out a screwy AF issue.

Also, there's Thom Hogan's cracked chassis thingy.  I hesitate to being it up as it's likely to result in someone taking Thom's name in vain, but we'll see how it goes.

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