Nikon and their binoculars.

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Re: Nikon and their binoculars.

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This isn't strictly related to photography but it may highlight bigger problems Nikon are facing.

I owned a few pairs of Nikon binoculars. The first pair I really liked but eventually gave them away to a friend who was into birds. It was an ex display model so they weren't expensive but sadly they weren't waterproof or weather resistance either. The problem was I stopped traveling and didn't need them anymore.

When I went traveling again, I got myself another pair but this time Nikon Prostaff 7 8x42. They were weather sealed but I prefer looking through my originals. I also found them not having enough reach for distance viewing on safari.

So I decided to get myself a pair of Nikon Monarch 10x42 and to my surprise most places are sold out of Nikon binoculars. My assumption was Nikon is either no longer shipping their binoculars to my country (UK) or a lot of people taken up bird watching due to Covid-19 like me.

We don't know what happened in China when the outbreak of Coronavirus first started but large sections of the country went into lockdown. So production in China had a huge knock on affect. However, recently Nikon stopped producing rifle scopes and I found it odd the availability of Nikon binoculars in the UK is worse than say in the US.

If I had to make a guess, Nikon is scaling back production but it would be nice instead a lot of people in the UK are buying Nikon binoculars.

Have you ever tried IS binoculars? You will be hooked if you use them...[read others comments in the link]

Canon 10x42 L IS WP Image Stabilized Binoculars 0155B002 B&H (

-Martin P

+1 for the Canon 10x42L. It is heavy but the optics are surprisingly good and the IS is very useful for longer observations. For quick bird ID there are better options. Since I am more into observing bird behaviour than ticking off species lists, 90% of the time I take the Canon and the optically slightly better Swarowski 8x32 stays home. I only take the Swarowski when weight is a serious concern.

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