M4/3 reliable sports camera?

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Re: M4/3 reliable sports camera?

rsmithgi wrote:

Thank you for the information. My son has been pretty lucky with soccer. His club got back to practices, then scrimmages pretty early on as Virginia started relaxing restrictions last spring. His club extended the season well into the summer to make up for the lost time early in the year. Soccer here is pretty much year round except for a month long break from mid December to mid January and another break in the summer (unless you play summer soccer).

C-AF sensitivity information is mainly what I was looking for. Here are a few shots from a recent game. Typically I am able to be on the sideline or behind the end line. Fields are either high school stadium fields (first two) or field complexes with nearby parking lots, spectators on the sideline, and adjacent fields. How would you set sensitivity in conditions like this?

For these I'd try C-AF lock +1 because there's nobody crossing in front. Focus pattern: I'd start with 3x3 or 5x5 with the caution the action won't always in the frame center. Want to try all points on the new camera because it seems more responsive than the M1ii. Can get overwhelmed when too many players are in the frame, though.

The background stuff becomes an issue shooting across the pitch with longer FLs. Chainlink with slats inserted gets my vote as "favorite" AF distraction. Hate the stuff. Also, cars parked nearby when there's no fencing. "Hey, nice grill." Should I mention the net? AF loves the net.

The camera is pretty good at staying on target during burst sequences because it has some learning capability--just not to the level of the M1X AI modes. A higher lock value reduces focus "breathing" (higher keeper rate) but at potential cost of jumping to crossing players.

Glad you son was able to play. My kid's post-HS winter and spring league dissolved and did not return. A couple practices and then nothing. As fate had it, her HS soccer party was our last normal social event.



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