77mm or 82mm circular filters for my 77mm lens?

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BBbuilder467 Veteran Member • Posts: 5,038
Re: 77mm or 82mm circular filters for my 77mm lens?

John Kemp wrote:

I'm wondering about this too and don't understand the replies you've had. I've got the Fuji 10-24 and 16-55. I too wonder whether these magnetic filters will vignette on wide angle lenses. I will only ever have 1 cpl and 1 nd.

Would love to know some more views. Kase seems great but perhaps I should go with the one with the cpl and 100mm larger slots?

It's not just the angle of view, but the specific lens. A given ultra-wide lens might need the slim ring type screw-on CPL with a built-in step to avoid vignetting. You have to find someone with the same system. Otherwise, we're just guessing. I can stack 3 standard filters at 28mm and the bayonet hood fits over them, but it's not the same system.

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