Composites: Photoshop or On1 RAW?

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Re: Composites: Photoshop or On1 RAW?

candgpics wrote:

Glad the information is helpful.

I like Matt Kloskowski. He is a good teacher. I remember him from when he worked with Scott Kelby and he works with ON1, too.

You may also wish to consider Eric Almas and/or Renee Robyn at www. Each tutorial (on sale) is less than Matt's course. I have purchased far too many tutorials from proedu (formerly rggedu), but they are excellent.

Eric's tutorials go into much of the shooting style he employs and his tutorials are more like looking over his shoulder at a shoot and then later at his computer desk, but I really like his style. And, I love Renee Robyn. Her tutorials, actually I think she has two at proedu, should be priced as a single tutorial, but they are great (two parts probably because she is so popular).

Matt's course likely will be an orderly beginning to more advanced route and that may be easier to follow, but you may wish to look at the proedu site. is also excellent. It is a subscription site, but it is a tremendous value if you have the time to make the subscription work over the course of a year and you may like the owner's style. There are a lot of compositing tutorials on the site.

YouTube can be helpful, too. Sometimes, though, it is nice to have a well produced orderly course that takes you step by step and nowadays tutorials have been coming down in price given the quality of what is available on YouTube.

I've heard back from both Matt Kloskowski and Anthony Morganti, and they've both told me that for composites Photoshop is really the only way to go. Neither mentioned Affinity, but since I would have to learn that program from scratch, and its inexpensive price leads me to wonder if it's much more advanced than Elements, I'm going to stick with Photoshop, a photo developer I've used in depth for maybe about twenty years or so.

Of course, both men praised On1 and Luminar, both of which are excellent for their designed purposes, and I'm happy to have both as plug-ins for PS, but I'm not so crazy about constantly upgrading them. These latest versions should last me, I think, for maybe about four years.

Finally, I very much appreciate that you've told me about Eric Almas and Renee Robyn, and given me the site where their tutorials can be found. I have a feeling that creating a compelling and convincing composite may well be the most difficult form of creative photography that a person can undertake, and I think I'm going to need all the help I can get. When I've finished with Mr. Kloskowski's course, they might well take me further.

Thanks again for all your input.

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