What do you do with your photos?

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Re: What do you do with your photos?

The majority of mine are never seen by anyone and that's fine - a lot of them are simply things I enjoyed photographing but nobody else needs to see. A lot of the enjoyment of the hobby for me is just getting out, finding new places, looking for things to photograph.

Some of them end up on my Facebook page for my little collection of family and friends.

Others end up one of my two Instagram accounts (one is focused on small things I see around me - patterns, colourful rust and interesting peeling paint, that kind of thing - something I started during lockdown when I was confined for a couple of months to within a 5 kilometre radius from home in the suburbs); the other is a bit more random.

I have also found a new display medium in Zoom/Teams backgrounds - there is a bit of a trick to finding images with the right composition when your body takes up the centre of the screen - classic rule of thirds composition typically works best).

Aside from that, the odd one ends up here on DPR, in challenges or forum posts.

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