For those who debate the ability of the Z50 and kit lenses in sports

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Re: For those who debate the ability of the Z50 and kit lenses in sports

David Lumsden wrote:

Biggs23 wrote:

I don't mean to be a Debbie-downer, but I would argue that your images are arguing the opposite point of that which you are intending them to. There's nothing wrong with them as family snapshots, but for those interested in sports images, they aren't exactly the quality I would aim for.

Can you specify the areas where these images fall short of professional quality?

It's probably because you didn't use a "high end" Z7II.  It's more of an "ego" thing.  You see, you're not supposed to get great sport shots with this camera because it didn't cost $2500 like the more expensive Z's.

But let me tell you... I have no doubt in my mind, with the right lens, and in capable hands, the Z50 will be able to produce sports pictures from football games, baseball games, basketball games, etc., as any other Z camera.

I can't wait until spring.  Hopefully by then, we'll be back to a somewhat normal life and I'll be able to go to sporting events with my Z50 and get some great sport images.

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