Do you always buy from the high-street shops?

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Re: Do you always buy from the high-street shops?

cheddarman wrote:

Under the heading "Buying Advice", a simple question to which most people will probably answer yes.

Well I alway used to but I was different with my last couple of purchases, and went grey, Panomaz to be exact.

Apart from a huge saving on the camera price, my last one, a Sony RX10M4 at just £1,100 a year ago this month. They also offer a three year, unconditional "local" guarantee.

The reason for this post is basically to encourage people, as I have done, not to be afraid of this cheap market.

I am too wary of what would you might say as 'cheap market' internet sellers available here..   There is nothing like a high-street shop anymore in middle of NYC I know of.  So I pay the 'standard price for new, and premium for used/ refurb gear here at the two famous specialist shops.   With an exception for a couple of SONY E purchases at the large chain, Best Buy.


Anybody who has read my recent threads will know that I started having a niggly problem with the RX10 back in June when it wouldn't enter the Power Save mode. In the end Sony EU advised me to send it in for checking/repair before the warranty expired. I had forgotten (would yo believe) about the Panamoz 3 year business and posted it off to Sony Central Service centre in Wales. Imagine my surprise and horror when I received an invoice from them for £560 for the repair. I obviously challenged this and was advised that as this was a grey purchase, the warranty was for the Far East, not the EU and they would not honour it.

Then I remembered the Panamoz warranty. I emailed them with a copy of the invoice attached and literally five minutes later I had the £560 in my PayPal account.

THAT is impressive!

By the way, anybody know what the Part number A2123014B SERVICE, DEVICE (LSV-1850A) is, which at £376 is by far the most expensive item on the invoice, and seems to appear on all Sony camera invoices??

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