Frost images from 3.5x - 9x

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Re: Frost images from 3.5x - 9x

Deniz Turkmen wrote:

These are really nice macros. It tells me 2 things:

Indeed, I concur.  This is excellent work.  Carefully planned and executed.

1. What the nature is capable of

Yes, what a mystery nature is.  To always come up with the most efficient structure and to adapt that structure to changing conditions.  A physics and science populariser on Youtube named Tibees once demonstrated how fluids with different properties would always mix together in the most efficient way, and then broke out the complex mathematics that would express each of the mixtures.  Quite something.

2. What a MFT is capable of in the right hands

Why not?  It is a high-resolution system with a large-enough sensor and a lens system that is tailored to make the most of the sensor size.  The only pragmatic reason to use a FF camera is if you have a large number of lenses that work with it, or are partial to a wide angle of view that would be impossible to obtain with those lenses adapted to MFT.

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