Can't decide RX100VII vs X100v. Please help.

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Re: Can't decide RX100VII vs X100v. Please help.

ezriel wrote:

Problem is I'm not happy with the results at home, but will miss the results outside without it...

I wish I could give you some decent advice but there's no such thing as a small, fixed, long zoom lens camera that's good indoors in lower light conditions. Either the sensors are too small or the lenses are too slow.

The Sony RX100V or VA is much, much better than the RX100VI or VII when it comes to indoor photography because they have a faster lens than the VI or VII cameras. Just the same their indoor ability is still limited by the one-inch sensor.

I think both the Fuji X100F and X100V are excellent cameras but they're definitely niche cameras and not general-purpose cameras so they're probably not good for people who only own one camera and when you come right down to it, they're probably not a good choice for casual photographers.

Anyway, I hope you find something that will work for you. I think you might end up needing two different cameras.

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