Do you always buy from the high-street shops?

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Re: Do you always buy from the high-street shops?

cheddarman wrote:

noggin2k1 wrote:

Just to be clear; you're suggesting people to not support their local high street and those jobs, and instead purchase by means where taxes, VAT, and import duties aren't paid.

Yes, lots of people on here purchase grey - but the argument for it needs to be balanced with the legal, moral, and ethical consequences. It's not all sunshine and rainbows.

Don't know why I bother to answer your "holier than thou" post but no, I am not advocating "people" should not support their local businesses. I said that as an 82 year old pensioner scrapping by on a state pension, I cannot afford to buy this sort of thing from them. In fact right now I can't afford anything like a new camera period!

IF I had bought this camera from a regular retailer, right now I'd be without it, as there is no way I could afford the £570 bill. Thank goodness I bought from Panomaz with their three year warranty!!

I've simply added balance to a one sided argument.

Also, age & financial status don't have any bearing on what import duties are attached to products your purchase. If HMRC came knocking for the import duties on the camera, the "I'm 82 and on a state pension" argument wouldn't last too long.

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