Help buy :which is the complementary to my A7iii? A6600 or a7riii?

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A7RIII and 200-600

Pollos wrote:

In my last topic I decided to buy 200-600 g and a6600 for better choice and for budget.

Only that today I have a big doubt because my seller told me the is better buy the a7riii for my use and my lenses. The problem is that for the moment a6600 choice was very expensive for me and my only problem with this camera is the shutter at 1/4000.

Buy the a7riii for me is prices of a6600 +other 600€ but the seller told me that the A7riii will change my life while a6600 will give me few upgrade.

My equip is :

20G - 28f2 - - 45 2.8 sigma - sigma 85 1,4. (Walk-around and weekend shoots)

16-35 f4 zeiss - 24-70 GM - 70-200 f4 - 35 1.4 zeiss - 50 1.4 zeiss and again sigma 85 1.4 (Important events as weeding and birthdays + family portraits and my 2 years daughter )

200-600 G. (Rarely sports and birds)

again 16-35 f4 and 20 G when I go for landscape and HDR

I have Olympus Equip for light and for everyday shootings

I think that :

A). if continue with the a6600 I can use it for second body into a wedding, for crop with 200-600 and an alternative to Olympus equipment when I want go out with sony primes.

B) if I buy the more expensive A7rIII I can have a second body with double megapixel and i can crop when I use 200-600 but with the same weight and size of my A7iii. I will have similar af point and AF of my a7iii. My hard disk will be full more fast and the noise is more than a7iii .

What is the best choice?

Are you aware of the autofocus limitations with the A7RIII at apertures smaller than F/8?

(EG the 200-600 + TC, the 1.4 TC limits maximum aperture to F/9 beyond 300mm zoom focal length.)

From Sony documentation.

Quote: When the F value is greater than F/8 in Continuous shooting Hi+, Hi, or Mid mode, the focus is locked to the setting in the first shot:  Quote.

The AF will work but at a slower rate but as it states above it is locked at the first shot setting. In addition in burst shooting the viewfinder shows a series from the previous shots. As long as you are using F/8 or faster these conditions do not apply but a TC on the 200-600 does have limitations if your subject is not relatively stationary.

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