Sony FE35 f1.8 rattles when not attached to the body

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Re: Sony FE35 f1.8 rattles when not attached to the body

SQLGuy wrote:

vivaldibow wrote:

Totally normal, as stated by other people. When I got my first Sigma 16mm lens, I had the same concern. Frankly I think there should be a better solution in lens design: having something rattling in a lens house could potentially cause some mechanical issue (the optical issue). Just my 2c.

What problems has it caused for you? What problems do you know of that it has caused for others?

I'm thinking it's not a problem. If it were, Sony would not use this design in most of their lenses, since, if it were a problem, it would lead to a lot of in warranty repair work for them.

Incidentally, some of the Sigma lenses are similar. Shake a powered off DN lens, for example. And yet Sigma is comfortable giving a 4 year warranty.

Sorry, it has caused no problem. Thanks for your reply to my post.

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