Be aware of your camera mechanical shutter expected lifetime.

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Re: Be aware of your camera mechanical shutter expected lifetime.

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. This is the number of actuations the shutter is designed and warrantied to reach.

No camera body is guaranteed or covered by warranty to reach those numbers! That's very misleading...

One could think the manufacturer would back up their claims of shutter life expectancy with a longer warranty period. Although you can purchase Canon extended coverage, it IMO should be included in a camera with a premium price tag such as the R5. As long as the expected shutter count is not exceeded during the warranty period.


You're not going to get a drive manufacturer to warrant drives all the way to their MTBF. Nobody is going to warrant anything all the way to the point they've tested it to fail--they would have to replace nearly half their sold units. That would be economic foolishness.

It's only been since the 80s that manufacturers have even disclosed their shutter MTBFs.

I am grateful for these numbers stated by the manufacturer to give us guidance on how to reliably used the camera and when shutters might be living on borrowed time above the MTBF.  If you like two card slots you also should be paying attention to shutter count.

The use of Electronic shutter does not add much to shutter count except when turning the camera off and on.

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