Is this photo with an X100F and the WCL sufficiently sharp?

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Re: Is this photo with an X100F and the WCL sufficiently sharp?

Erik Baumgartner wrote:

jjz2 wrote:

Erik Baumgartner wrote:

john si wrote:

I really apologize for the slow reply and I really appreciate everyone looking at the image.

The raw can be downloaded at the below. I underexposed to not get the sky highlights blown out. I probably under exposed a touch too much. The image was only process in capture one version 20.

Your image is underexposed by about a full stop, did you have the DR mode somewhere other than DR100? DR200 will underexpose your RAW by 1 stop. Metering modes other than Multi will often will also tend to underexpose the RAW without dialing in some additional exposure compensation.

Regarding where the focus was --- i used automatic focus, but I could swear that I used the joystick to focus on the clouds/infinity. I thought I was at a wide enough aperture to get close to infinite depth of field. I'm still perplexed. I have notice that my "error rate" using the WCL is way, way higher than without it.

There's no such thing as infinite depth of field. There is only one focus point, everywhere else will be less focused to some degree, unless your primary subject matter is at infinity (stars, for example), you will get far better results making sure where your eyes are initially drawn is well focused. In any case, you didn't focus at infinity here, the focus point looks to be very close in, too close. Some good tips here:

Yes now that I see the raw file...this is one of those photos that could have really used exposure bracketing. I know that's not always feasible, sometimes I just want a nice snap while out on a hike, but if you're really going for the shot, worth the time.

It didn’t need exposure bracketing, it just needed to be exposed correctly. Multi metering with exposure compensation and the highlight warning blinkies in the EVF would have easily gotten the right exposure here (DR100). Except in the case of a super high DR multi shot merging situation, I haven’t felt the need to bracket exposures since ditching my DSLR. This should have been fine with a single exposure.

Sorry, you're right, need wasn't what I was going for, more of, potentially benefited.

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