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Re: Safari constantly reloads certain sites

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Good Day

I am using a 21" iMac bought this year around March. It runs Mojave 10.14.6 and Safari 14.0. There are certain internet sites (many in fact) which it constantly tells me it is having to reload, and the problem seems to be getting worse. One is the B&H Photo site. It is fast getting to the stage when Safari is unusable. Can anyone suggest a solution to this? And does anyone know why this is happening?

Help would be appreciated.


Are you on 14.0 or 14.01? I'm using 14.01 now (macOS 10.15.7 - Catalina) and BHphotovideo works like a champ. Are you determined not to go to Catalina?

I’m using Safari 14.0

I have seen reports of problems with Catalina i can’t remember the details It may have been with dealing with Olympus RAW files, or DxO, both of which would be important to me. Then there’s always the chance of incompatibility with printer etc. Every new operating system brings pain of various kinds, and in my experience very rarely brings any benefits great enough to make the fuss worthwhile, if any benefits at all.

B&H's site works fine for me with 14.0 on Catalina.

And so do all my ORF files. But note that Apple STILL doesn't have raw support for the Oly E-M1iii or E-M1x, even though they've been out since the beginning of 2020.

My old Brother printer works fine with it. And BTW, some of the manufacturers have stopped making drivers for macOS, and the solution they suggest is to use Airprint instead, if you can.

Safari is a rather meh browser IMHO, and only now is catching up with features in either Chrome, Firefox, etc. I still use Safari a bunch, but always have at least one other browser to switch to.

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