External hdmi video recorder-monitor for Nikon d750

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Re: External hdmi video recorder-monitor for Nikon d750

George Worst wrote:

Hello everyone.

Can anyone suggest me an external hdmi recorder-monitor at least 5” big and supporting 1080p 60fps? I was thinking about Atomos ninja 2 but it seems it doesn’t support 60fps. I was also thinking about Atomos ninja V but since my camera (Nikon d750) doesn’t record 4K and therefore I don’t need 4K and my budget is limited I would like a cheaper alternative because I could spend the extra money in other equipment like a gimbal or such.

Thank you in advance,



Just wondering, I have a D750 also —- are your videos mainly to be viewed on mobile (ie like YouTube) or a monitor/projection screen?

If your viewers are just mobile and there’s not a lot of fast movement (ie sports), then 720p/60 is more than sufficient for vlogging and you can save even more money by just getting a used Ninja 2 with all the $$$ accessories on eBay (from someone that is moving to 1080p/HD/4K/etc).

YouTube downgraded 720 to SD this year (it was HD), so you can probably scoop up an older on-camera vlogging outfit on the cheap.  Most vids are defaulted to 720 in YouTube anyway or users select 720 or below (cause you can’t tell the difference between 720 and +1080 on a phone screen and no one likes video freeze).

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