Question about tilt-shift adapting a normal lens.

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Re: Question about tilt-shift adapting a normal lens.

HybridN wrote:

Now I was wrong not to clarify that I wanted an equivalent FOV and didn't know how to express that. That is why I kept asking what Focal length it would be a certain lens in different sensors.

So if I know a specific FOV of a lens in a APS-C, what Full frame lens would it take to be able to reproduce the same image in APS-C ? Focal length should be the same to achieve same results in between sensors. Crop value of around 1.52 takes care of the FOV. And this is if you want to adapt a lens, not native lenses on native sensors.

I think that is pretty basic, but I couldn't make a difference on these separate calculations for adapted lenses.

It sounds like you have it straight.  Although I still can't tell from that paragraph.

If that's the thought process you're going through to figure out what lens to use I can see that things might get confusing.  If you're shooting with different format systems all the time you would want to know this.  And if this is the case the approximate conversion (crop) factors to yield the same FOV are:

APS-C focal length x 1.5 = FF focal length x 1.6 = Medium Format focal length

So if you've been shooting medium format with an 80mm lens and now you want to shoot the same scene with APS-C you'll need an approximate 33mm lens.

But if all you're doing is using APS-C cameras and adapting lenses from other formats you can skip all that if you know your APS-C lenses.  If you know that you use a 16mm lens on your APS-C camera to give you the right FOV then a 16mm full frame lens or 16mm medium format lens will give you the same thing if you adapt them to your APS-C camera.  If you've been using a 35mm APS-C lens on your camera then you'll need a 50 mm full frame lens or an 80mm medium format lens on your APS-C camera.

You can also see that for wide angle work on APS-C a medium format lens adapted to your Fuji is really not possible.

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