Is the D800 worth it at this price in 2020?

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Re: Is the D800 worth it at this price in 2020?

Nicolas_K wrote:

Hey everyone,

I was looking for an FF DSLR because I really wanted a body to mount the Tamron 35mm f/1.4 to. I found a used D800 for under 600€. Note that this is at a reputable camera store, not eBay, so I trust the camera to be in good condition. Has the D800 held up well enough in 2020 to justify the price? Any input, especially from (former) D800 users, is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

(Note on pricing: "under 600€" equates to about 700$, though mind you sales tax is preapplied where I live.)

The price is about right - maybe a little high.  I use KEH as a barometer for used gear pricing, but discount their prices by about 10% because they have regular discounts and because they provide value added items such as inspection, conservative grading,  and a liberal return policy.  Their stock is limited right now, but the range is $650-825 for a D800.   That translates to $600-725 US.  I'd put the price quoted as in the ballpark with some room to negotiate.  The D800E is worth about $150-200 more.

The D800 is a solid camera, but it is a model released nine years ago.  There are a number of small updates with subsequent cameras, but the D800 is still regarded as a good camera.  I have a D800E that does not get much use, but is still appreciated as a good camera.  I tried to sell it about a year ago for $700 and had no offers.

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