Nikkor Q lens and a D5600

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Bernard Delley Senior Member • Posts: 1,583
limited use for Nikkor Q lens on D5600

MikeM58 wrote:

If this is in the wrong forum, Sorry. I was wondering if a Nikkor Q lens can be used on a D5600 body?


Nikkor Q points to a pre- AI lens like the Nikkor Q 200mm f/4 .

It may be an AI converted lens.

for the 3xxxx and 5xxx cameras there are missing backward compatibility features. They will not meter properly with the stopped down lens.

Nikon's FX and the DX models: D500 D7200 D7100 D7000 D300 D200 support original functionality including metering for  AI lenses.

not D7500 !

see also Ken Rockwell's page

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