X-T3 vs X-T4 (current and future differences)

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Re: Too much ambient light

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With my X-T30 the sync speed was 1/180s, and i didn't risk it and used 1/250 or above.

I think you are mistaken what it means: to use the flash, the camera shutter speed must be slower, not faster, than 1/180 sec. With faster speeds it may happen that the shutter is only partially open when the flash happens.

If you want a mix of flash and ambient light, your shutter speed would be low and it helps to have IBIS in that case.

Its what i mean but thanks anyway.

With the Sync speed of the X-T3/4 being 1/250 its faster, so less blur issues.

How useful would IBIS be at 1/250 with a 135mm equivalent lens (Viltrox 85mm 1.8)?

That is what i don't know...

Regarding AF updates... this is based on the sensor and processing unit, which are the same. I believe Fuji could have given the v4.00 update to the X-T3 last February, but instead they released the X-T4 half a year early. Having the same technology, I guess they are near the limit of what is possible, no future miracles to be expected. X-H2 will likely be the first with a new system that will trickle down the line over the next years.

I see it the same way...and with the extra cash i could buy one more speedlight and a new tripod for example, which i actually need.

1) Blur issues with flash - only an issue if you are letting in too much ambient light into the exposure - take out the ambient by closing down your lens or shoot at lower ISO and your shutter speed will become a non-issue at anything below the sync speed. Your flash duration will freeze any action if you take the ambient light out of your exposure.

2) Firmware - AF updates - X-T4 and X-T3 share the same AF hardware - so no reason why Fujifilm wouldn't update both at the same rate - ok maybe marketing reasons. But no software reasons not to.

Only possible difference I see maybe Pixel shifting on the X-T4 but shifting an X-Trans CFA appears to be way more difficult than shifting a Bayer CFA - so it may not come for an X-T4.

Waiting for a good X-T3 deal now...the one from Amazon ES at €995 ended.

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