Question about tilt-shift adapting a normal lens.

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Re: Question about tilt-shift adapting a normal lens.

Hey guys I think something was mixed and created a confusion, as both of you were trying to help, just in different directions.

Maybe my question was not clear enough, but like I said, I'm still not an expert in the field. The Focal length I keep asking is not the distance of central axis of the lens from the sensor, I was asking for it as a number that I am (or we maybe) customed to define the wideness of that lens in a certain sensor size, or in other words the FOV that lens gives.

I did some tests on a virtual settings software with the cameras mentioned (APS-C, Full Frame, 6x6 Medium Format) and maybe these are basic things but I needed to clarify it to myself.

A 80mm lens on a 6x6 Medium Format has a FOV of 37.776 degrees, and if we use that lens in Full Frame (normally) the crop would bring it down to 24.808 degrees, and 16.477 degrees on APS-C.

Now I was wrong not to clarify that I wanted an equivalent FOV and didn't know how to express that. That is why I kept asking what Focal length it would be a certain lens in different sensors.

So if I know a specific FOV of a lens in a APS-C, what Full frame lens would it take to be able to reproduce the same image in APS-C ? Focal length should be the same to achieve same results in between sensors. Crop value of around 1.52 takes care of the FOV. And this is if you want to adapt a lens, not native lenses on native sensors.

I think that is pretty basic, but I couldn't make a difference on these separate calculations for adapted lenses.

Again thnx for giving advices that were valuable on a different take of this.

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