Do you always buy from the high-street shops?

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Re: Do you always buy from the high-street shops? Yes!

Chris R-UK wrote:

Personally I try to source everything from my local camera stores because I want to keep them in existence. The only exceptions are memory cards, printer inks and things that they don't stock. Their prices on cameras and lenses are rarely significantly higher than on-line retailers except those selling grey market goods.

I like looking in the windows of the stores to see what they have used and I go inside to look at new products, especially for size but also for handling. I also find them invaluable when I am buying a new camera bag because I can take my gear in and find one that fits.

I want to continue to be able to do that.

If you look in the local stores to decide what to buy and then buy from the cheapest on-line store, then you are helping to kill off your local stores.

I quite agree Chris but as a pensioner, on basic state pension, I have to watch every penny and if I can save £500 (a months pension payment just about) on a camera then I'm afraid I will!

At my age I suspect that this will probably be the last big purchase I make on this amazing hobby!

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