Wanting to view 80D images on PC in real time

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Re: Wanting to view 80D images on PC in real time

scastle wrote:

Ray UK wrote:

EOS utilty will do this perfectly if you connect the camera to the PC with a USB cable, it gives you access to all camera controls and allows real time monitoring, forget the wi-fi connection it won't help you at all.

I have a 70D, and if the 80D and 90D WiFi is the same then yes, it is essentially crippled, probably because the processor in the camera is just not up to it. Using the USB cable is not terrifically fast but it's bearable.

I have experimented with using the EOS Utility, Lr, and Capture 1 for this. Of these, C1 worked the best and Lr the worst (but that was with 5.7.1 - maybe it's better now). The EOS Utility is, um, OK. I shoot raw, so the xfer is slow anyway.

If only the 90D had been made to use USB3. But no...

Well, the 7D2 has a USB3 port, but does less than 10MB/s delivering images to the computer, tethered, so just having USB3 alone isn't enough, if the rest of the chain is not up to it.

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