D850 and D500 combo and lenses calibration

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Tommy S
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D850 and D500 combo and lenses calibration

Halloo Nikon shooters

Sitting and enjoying my time off related to lockdown I consider various scenarios for my photo workshop. And when you read and re-theorise too much, intellectual hangover comes naturally.

I've been using the Sony APS-C system for years. I have an A6600 which could be better if I had not switched from A6500 which is very good in areas where the A6600 is weak: buffer, overall lag especially between LCD and EVF when fast action shooting takes place.

I had A7R3 for a while, but this it did not pass the test for sports photos.

When looking for a second body, I figured that if I do not decide on the A9, which would naturally expand my Sony system, I would buy a D500, which despite its age still has undeniable advantages, especially in sports. I know this camera perfectly, because I was supposed to buy it right after the premiere, but as a hybrid I rejected it due to poor video. Here the Sony A6300 won.

Considering the purchase of the D500, I entered the Nikon rabbit hole, discovering a system completely unknown to me. For example, I found out that the Sigma 18-35 has problems with sharpening outside the center, while the Sigma 50-100F1.8 is, as for the ART series is a sensational lens with the D500.

I know these lenses very well as I still use the 18-35 with MC-11 and A6600, and think it's the best combo ever. The AF-C works natively with the A6600 (it was a little worse with the A6500). I had the Sigma F1.4 trio which I bought hoping they would be better than 18-35 but that was a mistake and I humbly went back to 18-35.

The adventure with Sigma 50-100 was very nice and heavy. Having an additional grip for the A6500, I still had a bad comfort when shooting through EVF, and ditched the idea about photos via liveview / lcd.

When I read that the D500 and Sigma 50-100 are a very good combo, I started missing the 50-100 again. After all, the D500 is a big body compared to the A6xxx series from Sony. It's true that the A6600 holds up better thanks to the larger grip, but it's still hard to combine good, sharp and fast lens with a small body, A7x/A9x included.

Since my approach to the tools is without sentiments and I focus on the most practical values, I started to think about abandoning mirrorless devices and entering Nikon completely, building a workshop on Nikon D500 and D850. Taking into account the budget at my disposal, such a combo seems to be a great toolkit. I have the super-fast D500, I also have a full frame, sensational dynamics of the D850 and 45 mpx - which spoil the cropping possibilities, and I got to know it from the A7R3. AF with a additional grip in the D850 is also supposed to do well.

If someone is still reading my photographic boring effusions, I start heading to the point.

In my dream combo of D500 and D850 there is a problem with the lenses and calibration (BF/FF issues). In the Sony system, or other mirrorless system, the BF and FF problem does not occur, but after reading the threads about the all-day Sigma 50-100F1.8 calibrations, I started to fall into the rabbit hole even deeper.

And here (finally) a question for you: How does changing the lenses between the bodies impact the focus calibration (if I am confused, please correct it).

The set of lenses that I plan to buy for the D500 and D850 is to cover my range from 16 / 17mm to 500mm for a full frame. My choice is:

Tokina 11-20F2.8 for D500

Sigma 50-100F1.8 for D500

Nikkor 70-200 VRII for both bodies

Tamron 24-70F2.8 G2 USD for both bodies

Nikkor 200-500 for both bodies

Tokina and Sigma would probably only sit on the D500, but I wonder what about the FF lenses on both bodies.

So a specific question:

Can I easily change the once calibrated lenses from the DX body to the FX without fear of losing AF accuracy?

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Tom S (Poland)

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