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xmeda wrote:

Sigma 35/1.4 Art

Most resolving K mount AF lens so far with minimum CA (has less CA than DFA* 50/85).

I consider CA alway as a minor problem. It can be removed in post-processing the easy way - and how much CA is left if you shoot with in-camera correction set ON?

And resolution as well as CA is just one side of the coin. The overall rendering is influenced by a lot of other factors like colour rendering, 3D pop (maybe caused by a well balanced microcontrast), performance against the light.

I prefer Pentax always because its coating does well in situations where you shoot against the light (and I do it very often). Some lenses end up with a strange soup of reflections, ghosting or strange colours.

Then both DFA*50 + DFA*85 and then FA31/1.8 followed by FA77/1.8

And also DFA50/2.8 Macro can resolve huge amount of detail if you need something rather affordable and your working aperture is between F4-F11. Similar thing is Sigma 70/2.8 Macro.

I have this 70 mm Sigma lens. Regarding AF it is a snail. However, if it comes to sharpness and also overall performance, this lens shines. I was even thinking twice before buying D FA 85 if this old Sigma lens is not all I need. I did also nice portraits with it. I think it is only availabe as used - and you may get it for little money.

DFA100/2.8 WR Macro follows, but has more CA and needs some more aperture to shine.

I think the 100 mm Pentax macro is based on the old Tokina lens design. I have a couple of macro lenses of this class - but this one is still missing. When I informed myself about these lenses I found that the Tokina lens has not best resolution but best rendering in terms of a harmonic look of the photos. If you don't do pixel peeping you may prefer this lens over the others due to its great rendering.

DA35/2.8 Macro can deliver nice results too, with F5.6+.

If zoom, then Sig 18-35/1.8, Sig17-50/2.8.

So it depends on budget, optimal focal length for the application and desired AF performance too. There are things like Zeiss ZK 35/2 manual focus only, which can render stunning details, but is hard to find and is manual focus only.

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