Age old question - to M or to R?

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Re: Age old question - to M or to R?

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If low light is a consideration: go for the RP system.

If wildlife, sports, etc is a consideration: go for the M6M2.

Note that the frame rate for the RP is something like 2-3 fps in servo mode.

Im pretty sure it’s 4 FPS but it definitely feels slow.

The frame rate for the M6M2 in servo mode is something like 14 fps.

If size and weight is a consideration think about the M6M2 with the 22mm lens and compare to the RP with a 35mm lens. The M6M2 with the 22mm lens is jacket pocketable. The RP is not.

The M6M2 has a viewfinder, it is detachable. Think about the size of the M6M2 with the viewfinder detached as a travel/vacation camera.

A M5M2 is a pipedream. Consider the M6M2 as the follow on to the M5. I have both and the M6M2 is far far better than the M5 in all respects.

I use a number of EF/EFS lenses on my M6M2 and M5 with a Vello adapter with great success. These include the Sigma 150-600, Sigma 105 macro, the EFS 18-138, 55-250, and 10-18. I also use the EF 400 F4 DO and 17-40 F4 lenses and the Canon 1.4X TC. The "lack" of M lenses does not bother me at all.


I upgraded from a 10 year old Canon Rebel XS, that had 3 FPS in JPG but slowed to a 1.5 FPS crawl when shooting RAW. (The Cripple Hammer was in peak form there!) That still seemed great compared to an even older P&S though. As a bonus, it made me be much more precise about the moment I press the shutter and improve there, since many times I just had to make the 1st shot count because the 2nd shot was going to miss the moment.

Fast forward to the M5, which is light years ahead of that old XS in many ways and shoots 7 FPS in RAW.... but has the ridiculous shutter lag (for an ILC) at times and is hard to track action with due to the "slideshow of the last picture it took" showing in the EVF instead of a live feed.

If you haven't done so already, turn "image review" off (it's on the 2nd page of the M5 menu). Then the camera won't show you the last picture it took in the EVF, giving you a live feed (the feed does pause for a split second as each frame is taken - this is normal on a mirrorless, as the feed is interrupted when the shutter is closed.)

So really moving to the M system has been like 10 steps forward and 1-2 steps back. All depends on what I'm trying to shoot. The more I look at this, it really does sound like the M6ii addresses all my issues with my M5, just with the loss of the built in EVF. Now it's 3-4 steps forward and 1 step back I guess? Hey, progress is progress!

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