Zihyun Weebill Lab Balancing Question

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Re: Zihyun Weebill Lab Balancing Question

This is a common problem with all gimbals. First question, can you move the roll arm further to the right? If not, you may have to resort to adding a counterweight to the roll arm (you can buy these from various manufacturers like SmallRig). Alternatively, you can add weight to the front of the lens so that the camera can come backwards more to allow the plate to move closer to the roll arm (if there is allowable movement).

It's a tad difficult to see exactly what's going on, so I can only guess. I use a Crane 3s and and can balance my 4.1 kg BMPCC4K with monitor, microphone and whatnot with ease.

I'm also not sure that you are balancing the camera correctly. First you have to align the camera so that the lens points upwards and get it to balance, then you move it to the horizontal position and get it to balance, then you do the roll arm balance. Finally, by holding the gimbal parallel to the ground, you balance the yaw arm so that the camera sits horizontal without wanting to move one way or the other.

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