Can't decide RX100VII vs X100v. Please help.

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Re: Can't decide RX100VII vs X100v. Please help.

ezriel wrote:

Read ALL previous threads on the subject.

Coming from D500 + 35 1.8, 85 1.8, 11-16 2.8, 200-500.

Barely use it other than special occasions, also got rid of smartphone, and want something that fit in jacket pocket that I'll be happy with.

Taking family pictures at home, and wildlife and landscape outdoor.

Read A LOT, and decided on RX100VII.

Love it, Great outdoor, but indoor I usually have to go above ISO 400 which introduce noise that drive me nuts. Also kids not look even close to the nice pictures of the D500.

Tried today the X100v, It's AMAZING for indoor, kids, low light, etc. Beautiful skin tone, great noiseless photos at ISO 3200, Great blurred background, No need for flesh and no noise!

BUT, outdoor, it's not nice as RX100, No zoom and No really wide angle, Not focusing good enough for wildlife, Videos are no good (even though it's not a priority for me).

What should I do???

Pocketability is a must for me, otherwise I'll take the D500.

Great kids photos in low light is important, but zoom and nice colorful photos outdoor is also important...

Is there a solution???

X100V is APS-C sensor camera which is same sensor size as D500 (also FUJI is known for their JPEG quality) where as RX100 is 1" sensor which is a little less than the 1/2 the area size.

The difference in noise is the result of the sensor size difference. And the processing that each camera does.

So is there a solution? I'm afraid not If you find one, please let me know I have all these cameras in search of my perfect camera.

A bit more seriously, noise reduction SW can do some amazing things, if you have not tried it. Something like noise nija is freeware (IIRC) and one of the best (?) one seems to be DeNoise AI from TOPAZ - you could try for 30 days.

If you don't mind uploading a photo that you think is unacceptably noisy, I would run it to see how much difference it can make.

Also shooting raw rather than JPEG with RX100, more editing can be done to make the photos look (much) nicer.

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