EM1X 2.0...really good...reeeaaally good...

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Paul Auclair
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EM1X 2.0...really good...reeeaaally good...

first impression...thank you Olympus!!!

i have full confidence that this new camera/update is going to save me time and get me a higher keeper rate. no more trying to focus (on the bird's eye)/recompose. just slam the bird in the frame and take picture. boom done!!!

-i did try plain old C-AF too and the speed was good too but with Bird Ai i am not recomposing. i wonder if regular C-AF got a speed boost too...i did not test before FW update.

i shot this quick test in real low light hence ISO6400 and slow shutter and even at that....I am very impressed and happy with this EM1X 2.0 speed and accuracy.

i shot at f/5.6 (too excited) by mistake...should have shot at f/2.8.

I changed none of my usual bird (static and BIF) camera settings.

*for BIF i have the AF "beep" turned ON as I sometimes use the EE1 and not the EVF.

for static birds the AF beep is OFF (as I am close to the subjects and don't want to spook them).

for this test (i am not a tester) i used the static bird settings first.

all great...THEN...i switched to BIF settings (I have this 'switcheroo' set to my L-Fn button to toggle back and forth...this way when i'm walking around shooting static and some bird flies off....i bring the camera up while pressing the L-Fn button and I'm in BIF mode).

so...I initially thought that i was getting even faster 'target lock' with the BIF settings.

i realized that i was 'hearing' the beep before I 'realized' the white box changed to the green reticle and therefor i was hitting the shutter more quickly. even in this dark...it's pretty much instantaneous...press AF button-beep...done!!!

with no beep "i" was waiting longer than necessary to press the shutter.

I may have to go back to shutter AF as I am slowing the system down now by pressing the BBF button then pressing the shutter afterwards.

from what i've seen so far i am reasonably confident if I use the shutter as AF/capture, I can pretty much fully press the button in one action.

basically...me waiting to 'see/visually' the white box turn to the green reticle and then pressing the shutter is slowing the capture process down...the camera is waiting on me now.

great...the camera is now waiting on my slow ar$e and not the other way around.

I will have to give some thought to continue using BBF as I like the many other benefits.

I did try using a range of AF target groups and to be honest i could not detect a slow down between single AF target and up to 5X5 (what i normally use in the field). i saw no issues with any combo.

using the joystick to move the AF point(s) in order to choose the subject is good. i personally wouldn't want to designate a dial to scroll through subjects as i use the dials for exposure values and exposure compensation.

tomorrow is going to be funnnnnnn!!!!!

all images are straight out of the camera RAW/LR default.

test scene

this carving caused the camera some hiccups BUT understandably so...it's not highly detailed and with minimal contrast (it's faded water color paint) around the eye and everywhere.

this straight on duck caused some hiccups as well...not much eye for the camera to find. so another understandable situation i'm prepared to deal with.

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as always,
thank you fellow DPR members for your kind words and encouragement.

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