Help with post for murky/noisy GH5 footage

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Flat view
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Help with post for murky/noisy GH5 footage


I shot some footage indoors with;

GH5 / Sigma 18-35 Art / 4k / 25fps / 150MBS / CNED / 1/50th

Though I had one light box the room was a little dark, I shot at 5.6, 640 ISO and the exposure read as right in the centre of the meter (I did not ETTR). I used Lightspectrum pro to get a reading of the scene and set the white balance manually from that.

I know the profile is flat and so the footage needs correcting and sharpening. It is underexposed even though the metre said it was spot on.

The footage is very murky and noisy as you can see if the first image.

Even with a quick colour and sharpen it is still murky and noisy (this is a very rush colour and sharpen for reference).

I am hoping someone has some workflow advice for post to get the most out of the footage that is a little compromised? Any tips or tricks?

I have B-roll from the same shoot from an A7Riii that is crisp and clean and a small amount of iPhone 11 footage that is equally pretty clean.

Was thinking about using something like Neat Video, but I have not used it before.

And a secondary matter if anyone has any advice on how to shoot with the GH5 in moderately (not even in bad light) lit areas to avoid this I would be very appreciative. I see other people's low-light footage that looks great.

Thanks for taking the time to help, appreciate it a lot.

Straight from camera

Quick treatment.

Panasonic GH5 Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Art
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Flat view
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