M4/3 reliable sports camera?

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Re: M4/3 reliable sports camera?

Soccer seems like a lifetime ago. As it turned out, COVID and graduation combined to have me off the pitch completely now and I'm envious of folks who have the chance to return. Next year?

I do not know the E-M5iii and will assume it has most of the E-M1ii features but with lower burst rates. I used C-AF lock on high with E-M1 I tend to keep it at 0 with the M1ii unless there is no fencing or clutter around the field, then +1 or even +2 can be better. Keep in mind AF jumps to other players more readily on higher settings so a few more OOF shots can be better than focus jumping to the wrong kid for an entire sequence. (Under-documented feature is C-AF bursts apply AI to learn and follow the subject during a sequence.)

I keep release priority off. AF pattern selection varies, again informed by the conditions surrounding the field. All-points is interesting because you see which focus points are engaged in real time. Do try it.

I have never mastered center start and center priority, imported from the E-M1X, but they do have an influence on AF behavior and I encourage experimenting.

C-AF Mode 3, am not a BBF guy.

Drive set to anti-shock low to retain focus during bursts. Silent shutter will show some rolling shutter effects, although with soccer it's not very intrusive. Frame rate is the main area the M5iii can't match the M1ii, but still reasonable.

If the M5iii is truly on par with the M1ii you'll really enjoy the update. I became a fan really quickly.

Good luck!


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