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Re: More info please.

rb61 wrote:

Would this be a significant upgrade? Local CraigsList

This Mac Mini is from 2012 has an 2.6 GHz Intel i7 with four cores, It has the the maximum RAM of 16 GB and a 500 GB very fast Solid State Disk.

Strawbale's comment above does a great job of comparing the basic specs of the various Mac Mini models starting with the 2011 model.

I own the same Mini as the Craig's List model and it isn't a significant upgrade from your 2011 Mini. I upgraded to a 6-core 2018 Mini around a year ago. Unless you have a need to stick with an Intel Mini, the latest 2020 Apple Silicon Mini is the most bang for the buck and is within your stated budget.

If you wait a little while 2020 Minis will show up as refurbs at the online Apple Store and you can save around 15%. But I would expect the demand for them will be great so you would need to be quick on the draw to get one. . .

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